python-workfront documentation

This is a Python client library for accessing the Workfront REST api.


Install the package:

$ pip install python-workfront

Generate an API key:

$ python -m workfront.get_api_key --domain ${your_domain}
username: your_user
Your API key is: '...'


If you have SAML authentication enabled, you may well need to disable it for for the specified user in order to obtain an API key. Once you have an API key, you can re-enable SAML authentication.

Make a session:

from workfront import Session
session = Session('your domain', api_key='...')
api = session.api

Search for a project:

project =,
                         name='my project name',

Create an issue in that project:

issue = api.Issue(session,
                  name='a test issue',
                  description='some text here',

Add a comment to the issue just created:

issue.add_comment('a comment')

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